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Traditional Buddhist painting in contemporary Nepal – A paubha (thangka) exhibition at MAS

The MAS, with the centro di cultura Italia-Asia, will host from 23 to 28….

Happy Holidays

Dear Friends, the MAS will be open Monday to Friday from 10 to 18,….

Bill Owens – A car with a vintage

BILL OWENS A car with a vintage A cura di Claudia Zanfi Inaugurazione della….

Music at MAS: Coro Elikya – The rhythm of faith

On Thursday 22 October – 7.15 pm –  At the conclusion of the festival….

Learning art – meetings about art history – from Gothic to early Renaissance

Professor Vidali aims to provide ,with the aid of slides and with a simple….

The spirit of the mask: testimonies from Asia and Africa

5 October – 16 November, six events every Monday h 18.30-19.30 The MAS presents,….

Music at MAS: From lounges to nightclubs

Thursday 17 September at 19.15 for the fifth concert of the festival Music at….

Face to Face – Tong Yanrunan – European Exhibition

Urheimat – Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition

From August 27 to September 4, 2015 the MAS is pleased to present: “Urheimat”….

Music at MAS: Sounds of the wise men – from heaven to food

Thursday 20 August, 7.15 pm – The fourth concert of the festival Music at….