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In 1483 Leonardo offered his services to the Duke of Milan as an expert….
“Art cannot be taught to those to whom nature grants it not”, this thesis….
Born from the collaboration between MAS and Intrart the new multimedia audio guide, is available in….
The MAS is proud to present, within the educational exhibition ‘Appreciating art through the….
The Association Friends of the Museo d’Arte e Scienza presents a series of concerts….
“MAN AND HIS WORLD” International Exhibition of 21 Artists Israelis From 07/02/14 – 07/15/14….
The installation curated by Dalia Gallico and Brian He (Head IAI Italia e IAI),….
Socially Sustainable Ticket Considering the value you have attributed above to the special features….
Tropical forests and perennial snow, great ethnic and cultural diversity, Nepal is a land….
From 29th November to 13th December, in the wonderful rooms of the Museum of….