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“Ancestral”, ethnographic art exhibition

An ethnographic art exhibition: ceremonial objects, sacred idols and rare tokens pertaining to the….

“High Mountains and Uncontaminated Land: Understanding Tibet and its Inhabitants” by Dr. Alessandro Boesi

On Thursday 11 April, at 6.30 pm, Dr. Alessandro Boesi, Tibetologist and biologist, one….

22nd March, from 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm, exhibition “Crystal: Art, Dream, Nature, Energy, Magic and Imagination”.

An idea conceived to be interpreted in different artistic idioms. Collaborating on this creation,….

“Merging Body and Mind: Health and Illness in the Tibetan Art of Healing” by Dr. Alessandro Boesi

On Thursday 21st March and Thursday 11th April, at 6.30 pm, Dr. Alessandro Boesi,….

“The Power of Myths and the Grace of the Gods”, by Dr. Bruno Gentili

On Wednesday 6th March at 6.30 pm, a conference will be held on the….

“Laos. Laughing and Surviving”. A photographic exhibition by the artist ValentinaVida

On Wednesday 27th February the Museo d’Arte e Scienza of Milan will inaugurate a….

The Museo d’Arte e Scienza meets up with the Association of Friends of the Poldi Pezzoli Museum

Martedì 19 febbraio –  Ore 17.00 The Museo d’Arte e Scienza is pleased to….

“Clouds and Dizziness in the Work of Magritte” by Prof. Colecchia

In the third conference of 13th February 2013, entitled “Clouds and Dizziness in the….

“The Mona Lisa’s Mysterious Smile” by Prof. Colecchia

In the second conference of 6th February 2013, entitled “The Mona Lisa’s Mysterious Smile”,….

Conference cycle “Scientific Criteria for Increasing the Attractiveness of an Artwork”

Nicola Colecchia, neural psychologist and former lecturer in General Psychology at the University of….