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Educational project of the Abbey of St. Thomas

MAS organized a fundraiser to support the educational project of the Benedictine Abbey of St. Thomas for the children of Kappadu in Kerala (India)


Christmas Market

The 2013 Christmas market, organized by the Association “Friends of the Museum of Art and Science” , will open on November 29 in the splendid halls of the same Museum and will be active until to 13 December from 10 to 18, from Monday to Friday. Extraordinary opening on Saturday 30 November.

To celebrate together, on the opening day, at 7pm, the Elikya Choir will give us Christmas choirs from various countries of the world, whose rhythms will infect even the quietest souls. This year the museum has chosen to donate the proceeds of the charity sale for the creation of “The archive of popular memory of the Garibaldi district” made thanks to precious and ancient documents, testimonies and photographs. The conspicuous material was collected and cataloged by the inhabitants of the neighborhood itself, in order to save the historical memory of a neighborhood considered the heart of Milan, in an era in which everything passes, changes and is forgotten too quickly. The Association of Friends of the Museum of Art and Science has decided to support the project, recognizing the precious and great contribution of the Milanese, offering for sale splendid and original decorations for Advent and holidays, handmade, in different formats, small gift ideas and traditional Christmas sweets.


3rd Craft Event in favor of the Onlus Association L’Abbraccio.

3rd Event of Handicraft for a Solidarity Christmas this year in favor of Association Onlus L’Abbraccio .

The Market will be inaugurated on Thursday 27 November at 7pm. All the exhibits are handmade and the entire proceeds will be donated to the Association for the purchase of an important ultrasound system for the hospital.

Founded on 25-09-2004 in memory of Paolo, the voluntary association L’Abbraccio helps hundreds of children thanks to the PEDIATRIC HOSPITAL “L’ABBRACCIO L’HOPITAL DES ENFANTS” by Sokpontà – Benin

In Sokpontà the structures of the EMBRACE, the Primary School, the Hopital des Enfants, and the “future” Azienda Agricola “have all African personnel, by teachers, doctors, nurses … and the management of all these complex activities is entrusted to the Beninese nuns of the small congregation of the Daughters of Our Lady of Lourdes – of Casale Monferrato (AL).

For further information visit the website www.labbracciofubine.it


Christmas Market

The Friends of the Museum of Art and Science Association is organizing its Christmas Market again this year. The entire proceeds will be donated to ASIA onlus (Association for International Solidarity in Asia) in favor of the NEPAL EMERGENCY




The project has the dual purpose of offering the possibility of accessing “basic” medical care to young mothers and their children, and promoting the autonomy of mothers themselves in the capacity to care of the children.

There are 120 women – some Italian but mostly African and North African – who are unable to manage even the most basic health problems. Experience teaches us that with appropriate targeted health and relational accompaniments , these young women acquire greater autonomy in the management of health problems, do not turn “excessively” to the emergency room, and grow their own children.

The intervention involves the contribution of various professionals (doctors, pharmacists, educators, psychologists, etc …). It is about establishing processes, rather than giving timely responses to health emergencies .

There will be interventions on correct food and hygiene practices, on the baby’s first symptoms, and also on first neonatal care , to ensure that the child himself can heal more easily and with fewer medications. We want to establish lifelong pediatric health education , which also enhances the educational skills of parents in the various developmental stages of their children. Also provided is a kit of medications necessary to put the acquired skills into practice. The donations collected will be used for food, drugs and aerosols, as well as for the expenses necessary for health education.


"San Fedele Health Care - Opera Padre Maino"

This is a “historic” work in Milan, active since 1948 at the premises of the San Fedele Cultural Foundation .

The core of her work is the donation of drugs to people who cannot afford to buy them. Those who access the service often find themselves in a state of marginalization and fragility, so the donation of drugs is not very effective if not accompanied by taking charge of the person in his entirety. About 9,000 hits a year.

90 volunteers including doctors, pharmacists and people who welcome and inform, as well as an educator hired with the function of coordinating the work of the Association, work for free.

The Assistance collaborates with the network of other non-profit organizations that are present in the Milan area and hosts other aid and support organizations within its premises, such as the psychology helpdesk S.A.R.A. addressed to women victims of violence, and street lawyers for the protection of the rights of homeless people. www.assistenzasanitariasf.org assistenzasanitaria @ sanfedele.net


A school in Congo project