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Music at MAS

The Association Friends of the Museo d’Arte e Scienza presents a series of concerts with music from Africa, to Asia and South America. Six evening events at 7.15PM, one for each month of EXPO 2015. The opening concert will be performed by Coro Elikya who has already a strong collaboration with the Museum accompanying the most important events of the MAS with his repertoire. The multiethnic orchestra Golfo Mistico will follow in June, the orchestra was created by educators who strongly supported a project of integration for pupils of the Quintino di Vona school. In July will be the turn of the sound of bossanova and samba from Brazil and in August we will discover the mystical sounds of sitar and tabla from India. Marco Cristofaro and Giorgia Natale will be with us “from lounges to nightclubs ” in September and again, in October, Coro Elikya will conclude the festival with a concert dedicated to spirituality.
Thursday, May 28: Coro Elikya – “Genesis” – the origins of the world told through art, music, fairy tale and masks
Thursday, June 11: Mystic Gulf – “Next”
Thursday, July 16: “Saudades do Brasil” – from bossa nova to samba, Vocals: Toni Julio, keyboard: Federico d’Ercole, Violin: Valerio d’Ercole
Thursday, August 20: “Sounds of the wise men – from heaven to food” Sitar: Ashanka Sen, Tabla: Maurizio Murdocca
Thursday, September 17: “From lounges to nightclub” – music by Piazzolla, Pujol, Ibert and Giuliani. Guitar: Marco Cristofaro – Flute: Giorgia Natale
Thursday, October 22: Coro Elikya – “The rhythm of faith” – from animism to the different religions of the world
Admission to each evening € 9, Reservations recommended.

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