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The recipe, which opens doors

On Wednesday 29th November the #laricettacheapreleporte project will be launched in the Museum of Art and Science, Via Quintino Sella 4, Milan.
This project has been created in order to help AMESIP, the Moroccan Association for help to Children in Need, which encourages the reeducation and social integration of children and youngsters living in Salé and Rabat. The initiative proposes an alternative and tangible method of collaboration towards the enlargement of a library for the Shems’y School of Culinary Arts in Salé, Morocco.
By donating one or more cookery books in French, Italian or English, each participant will have free entry to the inaugural reception.
“Books are the only inanimate objects which can hold dreams”, declared Ennio Flaiano, an Italian author, journalist and screenwriter.
Books will give these young people, who come from needy families, a refuge from their difficult backgrounds.
The Shems’y School of Culinary Arts in Salé, situated in the run-down hinterland of Rabat, in Morocco, has been established with the intention of helping to integrate these disadvantaged youngsters into a better social and professional life. By teaching them technical and professional skills, they will be able to join the international workforce, and by helping them gaining self-confidence and supporting them in their choice of studies they will be prepared for their working lives.
The Shems’y School course, which figures among the formation projects of AMESIP, has a duration of two years. It teaches 35 boys and 35 girls a profession, helping them to understand and reach their potential. In a French/Arab context, they receive a basic education during the first year, studying Maths and IT. From the second year, they start a specialization, depending on their talents and inclinations. To complete their preparation the knowledge of foreign languages would permit them to find better career opportunities, personal growth, and chances to travel, especially in French and English speaking countries. Maghreb, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Near and Far East.
Building up their tiny library with a section dedicated to cookery books in French, English and Italian will enrich the culture of these young people and help them approach the outside world by encouraging the study of these languages.
The event will start at 18.00, when the books, which have been collected by the Museum, will be sorted by language in the Tapestry Room. There will then be a presentation of the project by a number of speakers, also by Skype from Morocco. To finish, there will be refreshments and a toast to the success of the project.

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