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The spirit of the mask: testimonies from Asia and Africa

5 October – 16 November, six events every Monday h 18.30-19.30
The MAS presents, in collaboration with the Centro di Cultura Italia-Asia, a fascinating journey among the masks that despite their regional differentiation, cultural and functional elements have similarities. They are inseparable from singing, music and dancing while in a museum become divorced from reality and appear in an aesthetic. To understand their function and roots is essential to maintain a delicate balance between ethnographic and aesthetic approach. Through the speakers’ studies we will travel history to better understand this world still unknown.
5 October
Masks and disguises: objects and practices
Masks and disguises: objects and practicesThe mask is not simply hiding the body and neither the full manifestation of another reality: it operates in the empty space and dynamic of the dressing and undressing, nell’entre – deux between what you let see and what is subtracted from view. Masquerading is a technology symbolic trans – formation of the individual and of social reality. By Ivan Bargna – Professor of Aesthetic Anthropology at the UNIMI Bicocca and Cultural Anthropology at the Bocconi University.
12 October
Happuri, mengu and menpō: the other face of the Japanese warrior
It is commonly understood that the mask of war scares and arises from the necessity to scare the enemies appearing monstrous , but it is equally true that the terror caused by the mask produces courage and aggressiveness in the wearer. By S. Marino, professor of Japanese language and institutions of Japanese culture – UNIMI Bicocca. G. Raganelli, journalist and film critic, we will present the analysis of two pivotal movies for the use of the masks of the panoply of the samurai.
19 October
The masks in the tradition of Japanese ancient theatre: the gigaku
The gigaku entered Japan during the seventh century and for over three centuries was one of the most complex artistic expressions of the theatrical panorama of the country. By A. Maurizi professor of Japanese language – UNIMI.
Demonic masks in Japanese folklore : the Namahage and other cases.
Oni mask hides the identity of people and twists it. What function lies behind these rituals? It is an attempt to reassert the role of adult males in a patriarchal society or is it a particular pedagogical experiment? By A. Pancini professor of Japanese language.
26 October
The Topeng in Bali
The Topeng in BaliOn the island of Bali, theater, music and dance are at the heart of social life, an expression of a culture where beauty and devotion intertwined with surprising harmony. The Topeng, an integral part of the ceremonial liturgy, celebrating with his masks the exploits of ancient courts, between myth and history, while offering, thanks to the impromptu raids buffoons, a hilarious fun . By E. Masseroli – Actor and director, directs the theater ensemble The Pirate Ship
9 November
Strength and aesthetics of African masks
Africa gave rise to a large number of masks with different meanings and functions. The West sees masks as art objects, while the Africans they are an instrument of worship, are the heart of the continent, are spirits that speak, evoking the inner strength of the mythical ancestors. Masks, faces, sculptures that depict the life of men and women in the daily effort of living. Edited by A. Alberghina and B. Albertino – Doctors and tireless travelers.
16 November
Masks of the Himalayas and Tibet
The Tibetan-Himalayan region welcomes a variety of people and a complex stratigraphy of beliefs, some very old and some still viable. The most recent and complex concepts of Hinduism and Buddhism are the best known though their local expressions bear the traces of a primitive animism and of a remote pan-Asian shamanism. Masks represent the more useful and fascinating evidence of it. By M. Candellero – scholar, traveler, essayist.
Entrance to the single event € 10
Admission to the entire cycle of six events € 50
Free for members of Italia Asia and for members of the Amici del MAS *
Possibility of membership at both Associations at the special price of 80 € (40 € + 40 € )
* It’s not possible to get free entrance if the membership at the single Association has been signed after the beginning of the events.
For information and bookings 0272022488 or

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