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“Laos. Laughing and Surviving”. A photographic exhibition by the artist ValentinaVida

On Wednesday 27th February the Museo d’Arte e Scienza of Milan will inaugurate a cycle of events dedicated entirely to the Orient entitled Oriental Life and Culture in Milan. An initiative eagerly supported by the Museum’s Director Peter Matthaes, which, with a variety of events ranging from a photographic exhibition to a meeting with experts and follow-up seminars, confirms the Museum’s strong interest in discovering little-known or misunderstood worlds which, instead, comprise a millenary heritage of experiences and lifestyles.
The cultural initiative opens with the temporary photographic exhibition (27th February- 13th March) by the young photographer Valentina Vida, already protagonist of the Global Day of Action, entitled “Laos. Laughing and Surviving”, a collection of the most significant pictures taken in Laotian territory in August 2012. The photographs testify to how an industrially and technologically backward people can enjoy imperturbable serenity thanks to the strong bonds with their religious and social traditions.
Inauguration Wednesday 27th February 6.30 pm at the Museo d’Arte e Scienza with aperitif.

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