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Photographic exhibition “Tiziano Terzani, a friend’s portrait”

From 4th to 20th November, the splendid halls of the Museum of Art and Science will host a photographic exhibition entitled “Tiziano Terzani, a friend’s portrait”.
An exhibition of the most beautiful portraits, black and white, of the famous writer, by his great friend and photographer Vincenzo Cottinelli.
Born in Brescia in 1938, Cottinelli photographs especially in black and white. He published intellectuals’ portraits, emblematic photos and reportage, in newspapers and magazines and on the covers of 60 books.
He is one of the founders of “Il biancoenero” Association for the Photography; he manages the gallery “La stanza delle biciclette”.
For more information, you can consult the website dedicated to the photographer
On the occasion of the exhibition, on Friday 15th November special evening to raise funds to support the production of the film “Un indovino mi disse”, by Mario Zanot, based on the Tiziano Terzani’s book.

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