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22nd March, from 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm, exhibition “Crystal: Art, Dream, Nature, Energy, Magic and Imagination”.

An idea conceived to be interpreted in different artistic idioms.
Collaborating on this creation, in fact, are painter Emma Maria Pia Carosi, sculptor Francesco Dal Bosco, and designer Barbara Massimino.
The choreographies presented by Barbara Canal and Ornella Pegoraro on this prestigious occasion, with the participation of the dancers Barbara Canal, Valentina Dal Mas, Valentina Mantese and Eleonora Pasin, are inspired by the theme “Infinitely great, infinitely small”.
In close collaboration with the other artists, and in particular with Barbara Massimino, creator of original and unique jewels, themes will be developed, such as: material inclusions and internal imperfections regarding not only stones, but also the human soul, the perfect geometries of crystals and the equilibrium of the psyche, transparency as a symbol of purity and parallel universes with no possibility of contact.
An aperitif will be served in company with the artists.
The museum has kindly agreed to host the exhibition until 28th March 2013.
Biographical notes:
Barbara Massimino. Born in Milan, ever since childhood she has loved letting herself be captured by nature, cherishing it as a unique and prodigious artist. This close relationship continues to stimulate her creations, for which she uses a variety of gold working and ancient traditional handcrafting techniques, frequenting circles that have kept alive the history of these roots.
Ever fascinated by crystals, from which she draws inspiration and energy for her designs, she also collects minerals and uses some of them as unique parts of her jewels. “An idea stemming from my passion could only be interpreted in a variety of artistic languages, better if used simultaneously, in an explosion of emotions to gift to all those present.” When poetry looks at crystals.
Marco Castoldi was born in Monza on 16 October 1962. The last of five children, he grew up in a family where the art of photography permeated their everyday life and the father’s literary verve left a strong creative imprint on the sensitive boy.  Awards, recognition and artistic collaboration mark the professional itinerary of this complex artist, whose activities embrace many forms of artistic expression, ranging from photography to music as an instrumentalist and to video filming and postproduction. However he values substance more than appearance, which often leads him to work behind the scenes with other artists, as in the case of this exhibition, in which Castoldi limits himself to lending his art and craft to Barbara Massimino, designer goldsmith.
Emma Maria Pia Carosi. A lover of drawing and painting all her life, since 1994 she has attended the atelier of a painter in Bergamo, Claudia Pressato, where she gained and broadened her knowledge of the bases of drawing and painting and decorative techniques. Since 2011 she has attended courses at the Accademia Carrara in Bergamo. Since 2010, at the Gamec (Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art of Bergamo)  she has been following refresher courses on the holding of workshops for kids and teenagers as well as annual courses in modern and contemporary art.
Francesco Dal Bosco. He lives and works in Vicenza. Since his youth he has nurtured a passion for the world of art and goldsmithing. A pupil of the well-known gemmologist Ottaviano Violati Tescari, he attended courses on gemmology and goldsmithing at the Scuola d’Arte e Mestieri di Vicenza and at the I.G.I. (Italian Gemmological Institute) in Milan. He subsequently started up activity as a designer, modeller and artisan goldsmith, succeeding in producing innovative creations. The awareness of his creative capacities led him later to put aside classical gold work in favour of painting and sculpture.

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