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Fund-raising for the film “Un indovino mi disse”

On Friday 15th November, fund-raising evening to support the production of the film “Un….

Photographic exhibition “Tiziano Terzani, a friend’s portrait”

From 4th to 20th November, the splendid halls of the Museum of Art and….

“Eight Authors’ Visions”, contemporary art exhibition

On 9th October, at 6.30 p.m., will open the contemporary art exhibition “Eight Authors’….

“Not only weapons: the aesthetics of the katana and the spirit of the kris”

3rd October “Tachi and katana, the swords handled by the Samurai”, curated by Luca….


Cerchi idee regalo divertenti ed uniche? Smartbox ti propone un’ampissima scelta di cofanetti regalo, tra….

Kumbh Mela

The PopEye – Ethnovisual Association joins young people active in the fields of anthropology,….

Collective exhibition of a selection of contemporary Israeli artists

The International Association Gallery “The Collector”, in collaboration with Cultural Union, presents “Face to….

Collective exhibition of a selection of contemporary artists

The International Association Gallery “The Collector” presented at the Museum of Art and Science….

“Ancestral”. Conference and finissage exhibition

At the close of the ethnographic exhibition ANCESTRAL, Wednesday, 8th May, at 18:30, there….

Elikya intercultural choir. Performance in traditional African costume

On Thursday 18th April, at 7.30 pm, members of coro Elikya, in traditional African….