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Traditional Buddhist painting in contemporary Nepal – A paubha (thangka) exhibition at MAS

The MAS, with the centro di cultura Italia-Asia, will host from 23 to 28 March an exhibition of fifteen Nepalese paubha from the Revival School of Newar and the Visionary School – XX / XXI century. Ghiringhelli collection.
Moreover on Monday, March 27 at 18.15 we will host the last meeting of the series ‘ Meraviglie dell’arte Buddhista’
Traditional Buddhist painting in contemporary Nepal held by Vanna Scolari
For over thousand years, the Buddhist painting lived in the heart of Nepal and in the twentieth and twenty-first century the Nepalese artists leed new ways in this traditional religious art, offering different interpretations, imagining and seeing the Buddhas and Gods with new eyes. Not the revolution but yet a revolution that goes from the Newar Revival School, representing the first attempt of the twentieth century artists to revive the style of medieval Newari puabha from the 13th to the 17th century, to the Visionary School, from Postmodernism to neo Tantra, great schools that launch the Buddhist painting in his form of “paubha” – thangkas – in the contemporary world.
The conference will be held in Italian only.
Entrance fee for the conference 5€, reduced for students 2,50€
Free entrance for the exhibition

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